product — How would AI affect the future of a product manager’s work?

Product and AI — How would this interplay affect the future of a product manager’s work?

I am hopeful though, that as much as we rely on the close partnership between AI and humans for the future, we still need humans to decide on which problems are worth solving, whether there’s a need to find a solution, or build a product for it? In fact, AI can potentially help us filter out the peripheral and deprioritize smaller problems for us, making our job easier as we get to focus on the real big problems to solve.

The part about worthiness in solving, is subjected to our imperfect human tendencies, of what matters in varying proportions for different people, thus the difference in priorities and product managers get to fill that need.

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But it also means as humans, and as product managers (if you’re one), we need to explore more, learn more, try more, fail more, just like the fundamentals of machine learning in having the machine learn what’s right and wrong, continually train it with different scenarios, in order for it to get a better output. As we get our hands deep in the waters, fail and try more, we can then have more information to help us decide whether the problems we have are really worth solving, which ones to prioritize and eventually fix.



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